Within our contracting services, we hire vehicles, machinery and heavy ‎equipment, along with licensed drivers, operators and helpers.‎

Our fleet includes pickup trucks, dump trucks, tanker trucks, cement ‎bulkers, flatbed and lowbed trailers, loaders, bulldozers and excavators.‎
We rent vehicles and heavy equipment for construction or contracting ‎projects, as well as haulage equipment for cement, fuel, drinking water, ‎sweet water, and wastewater, including sewage treatment pumps, in ‎addition to solid waste removal trucks.‎

Our fleet is equipped with innovative GPS tracking system. Our fleet management team is experienced in dealing with telematics ‎systems that collect ‎and analyze data in real-time on multiple pieces of ‎equipment to remotely detect‎ malfunctions, perform fault ‎diagnostics, ‎and identify servicing requirements.‎

Automation & Control

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Equipment & Vehicles