Our company provides construction, civil works, excavation and ‎trenching services, with the most common protective measures to ‎prevent collapse, such as bracing, shielding, shoring, etc.

Our services ‎include digging foundation trenches, wells, canals, pools, dry pits, and ‎building infrastructure such as telecom networks, gas and power supply ‎networks, water and sewage pipes, pumping stations, in addition to ‎other plumbing, sanitary and drainage systems.‎

Our masonry and construction works include building structures of ‎stones, bricks, concrete blocks, in addition to the installation or ‎restoration of walls and partitions, such as drywall, plasterboard or ‎gypsum-board, as well as suspended ceilings, lighting systems, windows, ‎blinds, solar screens, doors, gates, barriers, fences, rolling shutters, etc. ‎We also provide sanding, plastering, painting, coating and wallpaper ‎installation services.‎

Automation & Control

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