About Us

Mousanadah Limited, is a full-service licensed contracting company ‎registered with number 4030286850.‎ 

Our strategy of differentiation is based on two main pillars:‎

  • Optimal Time Management
  • Strict Quality Control

Furthermore, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction means long-‎lasting profitability. Therefore we measure our success not in money ‎earned but rather in satisfied customers.

To us, customer satisfaction comes first!‎

Why should you hire our services?‎

  • We have the right experience and know-how
  • We have skilled and well trained professionals
  • We use the safest and most innovative materials
  • We own the best equipment and tools to do the job
  • We provide high-end services at competitive prices

Our employees

We are keen on recruiting highly-qualified, skilled, motivated, and talented people. Furthermore, our employees are well-trained ‎and experienced in dealing with challenging situations and complex problems. They also have the ability to work under pressure ‎and meet deadlines.

We have developed special training programs for our employees to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ‎foster their creativity and encourage them to constantly come up with new ideas and find innovative solutions.‎ Moreover, we promote a culture of employee motivation ‎and empowerment. We recognize the outstanding achievements of ‎our employees and ensure a highly-productive work environment where successful employees are ‎valued, encouraged, and ‎rewarded.‎

Automation & Control

HVAC & Refrigerants ‎

Equipment & Vehicles